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"My skin feels smoother! My face is less blotchy and it has only been 2 weeks of using the serum, I felt a change after only a couple days! I definitely feel a difference!"

E. Walker

“My skin feels more refreshed and clean, my friends have complimented on my skins glow! I love it”

N. Moreno

"I’m 68 years old and have been using Klotho Skin products for almost 6 months! I absolutely love the improvement to my skin tone and reduction of wrinkles to my skin. I highly recommend this product!"

D. Taymour

"I’ve used Klotho Skin for two months now I use on both my face and my neck I can’t believe the change in my skin. I started seeing the real change in my skin at six weeks. My skin is tighter, brighter, more luminescent and I swear my pores are smaller. My skin also heals more quickly, I never plan to stop using this product. I told all my friends about it and even posted about it on Instagram"


"I don’t need Botox on my fine lines around my eyes anymore! All my fine lines and larger pores have disappeared. Klotho Skin is the best serum I’ve ever used. Fresh and clean light fragrance. No need to try anything else. This is my go-to skin care line."

G Morris

"At first I tried Klotho skin because the principles behind the science made sense and told myself to try for 1 month to see if I notice any difference. After one month of diligently trying morning and evening, I noticed a difference in my skin tone and texture. My skin tone was more even, smoother, radiant and firmer. I could tell Klotho skin was doing its job because when I applied foundation it set so beautifully and naturally because my skin texture is smooth and even.

Convinced by the noticeable improvement, I have been using it for more than six months and will continue to do so. It is really easy to incorporate Klotho skin into my daily routine which helps me to apply everyday . As someone who is really bad at consistently using any skin care product, Klotho skin is the first product I have continued to use for more than six months and will keep on using."

S Kim


"Firstly, let me start by saying I am allergic to most topical creams and soaps, and can only use a few glycerin-based products. But not only did I find that I can tolerate Klotho cream, it has actually improved the texture and feel of my skin. I rarely write testimonials, but Klotho seems to be something completely new. Approaching 60 years of age, I am overjoyed to say for the 2 months I have been using it I have seen fewer fine lines and have noticed a palpable increase in the softness of my skin. I use it after washing my face and need only a small amount. Over time, it feels like my skin has been polished---silky. When I ran out, I panicked, there isn’t anything else I know of to take its place! Thank you Dr. Humble-- in a world with so many hyped and false claims, this product truly delivers!" 

S Harris


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