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In 1997, scientists discovered a gene that can extend the lifespan of cells. Researchers studied the Klotho gene, and found that its age-suppressing properties can be activated.

Klotho Skin’s founder, a geneticist and medical doctor, developed a patented process, which works with this age-suppressing gene and human stem cells to bring you the Klotho protein. After 20 years in the making, the Klotho Skin formula has been designed to rejuvenate, restore and renew your skin for a more youthful appearance. It is the first skin care product developed with genetically modified stem cells.


The Klotho Skin Lab was the first to isolate human adult mesenchymal cells, which are genetically modified to upregulate the Klotho Gene and produce Klotho protein, as well as catalyzing second generation growth factors. Through meticulous assay tests and refinements, the team at Klotho Skin discovered the optimal concentration levels of the Klotho protein, second generation growth factors, and the Klotho protein to help elongate the life of skin cells. Klotho Skin may be the first skincare line to be scientifically preventative, regenerative, and protective. More about Klotho Skin technology.


Klotho Skin mission is to offer a solution that reverses skin aging, through utilizing the Klotho protein and second generation growth factors.

Klotho Skin ingredients are clean, sustainably sourced, and proven effective. Klotho Skin is dedicated to elongating cellular life.


Gail Humble M.D.Dr. Humble is a medical doctor specializing in aesthetic anti-ageing, who is based in San Francisco and Los Angeles. At the undergraduate level, she studied genetics and regenerative medicine, which has become her passion. Dr. Humble lectures nationally and internationally on anti-aging practices and aesthetic medicine. She is a frequent lecturer at the World Congress of Anti-Ageing Medicine, and is a published author of research-based, medical and non-medical articles. Her medical research articles have been published in medical journals that include Dermatologic Surgery, and the Journal of Facial and Plastic Surgery.

Driven by her core belief that our external beauty should reflect the beauty we feel inside, Dr. Humble founded Klotho Skin with the intention of achieving a scientifically effective method to maintain truly youthful skin. View Gail Humble M.D.


For over twenty years, Dr. Humble has dedicated her career to anti-aging research, partnering with the following groups and organizations:


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