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What is an Eye Serum?

What is an Eye Serum?
Kotho Skin's Cellular Eye Serum

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss over eye serums is about? Or what they can do for your skin? If you’ve ever found yourself staring at the tiny expensive jars, wondering if the results are worth the price, or how to tell which formulas are better than the rest, then read on to learn about all things eye serum.

What is an eye serum?

An eye serum is a lightweight delivery method of highly concentrated skincare ingredients, designed exclusively to treat the skin around the eye area. Just like eye creams, eye serums are formulated to solve skin concerns in the eye region like fine lines, puffiness, or under-eye circles. Serums have a lighter, more fluid texture than creams, and quickly dissolve into the skin, priming it nicely for an overlayer of moisturizer or SPF.

Take Klotho Skin’s Cellular Repair Eye Serum, for example. This luxury level eye serum addresses a slew of skin concerns with its premium list of ingredients. Vitamin E, lactic acid, fruit oils and oligopeptide-1 are just a few ingredients that offer benefits to the delicate skin around the eyes. When used regularly, the formula increases natural collagen production, decreases transepidermal Water Loss (skin dehydration), improves skin firmness and elasticity, increases skin tone, and deflects cell damage and visible signs of aging by increasing oxidative stress protection.

Most eye serums and eye care products specialize in one area of concern above the rest, such as lightening dark under eye circles, depuffing swollen eyelids / under eyes, or diminishing crow’s feet. While Klotho Skin’s Cellular Repair Eye Serum actually provides solid benefits across a wide range of possible problem areas, its standout ingredient is a scientifically innovative and first of its kind proprietary blend of second generation growth factors, biomimetic peptides and other symbiotic ingredients that provide intensive anti-aging protection, and a renewed youthful radiance to the eye area.

As with most eye serums, Cellular Repair Eye Serum is most effective when applied regularly (morning and night), and results will be most obvious after 21 to 28 days (a full skin cell cycle) of use. For more information about the Klotho Skin’s product line, the Klotho gene, and where to purchase Klotho Skin Cellular Repair Eye Serum, click here.