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How to Apply Eye Serum

How to Apply Eye Serum

Kotho Skin's Cellular Eye Serum

When used properly and with regularity, a high-quality eye serum like Klotho Cellular Repair Serum, can be a powerful part of your skincare regimen. Eye serums are skincare products formulated specifically for use around the eye area. Like eye creams, eye serums are designed to target eye-area-specific concerns, such as dark under-eye circles, fine lines, or puffiness. For example, Klotho cellular Repair Serum was carefully designed to provide anti-aging protection and a renewed youthful radiance to the eye area. Creams and serums differ primarily in their texture, with serums typically being lightweight, and absorbed quickly by the delicate skin in this region. The key to maximizing the benefits for your skin from the regular application of an eye serum is to ensure that you are applying the serum correctly. Have you ever asked yourself “How to apply eye serum?” or wondered if you were using your serum correctly? We’re here to help!

How to Apply Eye Serum? Use Your Serum Like a Pro

The first step to applying your eye serum is to make sure that you’re working with a clean canvas. So grab your cleanser and exfoliator, and get to sloughing off any makeup, dead skin, or product residue, before you go near your delicate eye area skin with any other products! It’s important to clear your skin’s surface of any debris, dirt, or chemical toxins that typically accumulate during the day and can clog pores, or get in the way of optimal skin absorption of your eye serum. Once you have properly cleansed, exfoliated and toned the skin around your eyes, you are ready to apply your eye serum. Next, you will dispense one pump of the serum onto the tip of your middle or index finger. Using your finger, gently pat the serum onto the skin surrounding your eye with a circular motion, pressing the product into the skin on your eyelid, under eye, and outer eye area, where “crow’s feet” appear. A premium quality formula like Klotho Cellular Repair Serum will rapidly be absorbed into the skin, making it silky smooth to the touch, and priming it for the next step in your skincare routine, such as a moisturizing cream or SPF.

Making sure you’ve mastered the answer to the question “How to apply eye serum?” is critical to your skin getting the best results from your eye serum. If you’re using a luxury quality serum like Klotho Cellular Repair, you won’t want to waste an ounce of the powerful, skin improving ingredients!

You can practice how to apply eye serum with your moisturizer or SPF until you have the hang of it. Next, it’s time to purchase your eye serum, and incorporate it into your daily skincare routine for glowing skin! Research which ingredients a product uses, as you only want to use the most gentle and effective ingredients in this delicate area of the face. To try Klotho Cellular Repair Eye Serum, which is formulated with only the highest quality, scientifically proven ingredients for anti-aging and a glowing complexion, you can purchase Klotho Cellular Eye Repair Serum here. Make sure to let us know how you like your uplevelled skincare routine, and what results you’re getting from your new glow!